Smash is an offensive stroke The smash is hit downward from the back court as shown This video will cover these three topics Holding the racket correctly is
a prerequisite for this video Your arm should go back as shown This is the wrong way to pull the arm back This is the correct way to bring your elbow ahead. before hitting the shuttle,you have to move your arm as shown This action is important It is called hand pronation You have to turn your body when you smash You will need to activate your core muscles to do this action You will find it helpful to watch smashes in slow motion Now,I’ll try to teach the smash to my friend This practice will help beginners improve their timing It can take 2-3 months to improve one’s timing.Be patient! Aniruddha has been of much help in making this video In half court practice you have to smash from back of the court and then come ahead to give the shuttle near the net Make sure you always have your right leg ahead when doing this If the return to your smash is weak(high), you should tap and finish the rally Try and hit your smash near this line Let’s talk about the correct footwork On the forehand side,first bring your right leg behind second,go sideways to the back (Bend your knees) Jump The footwork is similar on the backhand side Right leg back,go side ways,bend knees jump This is a drill for advanced players keep in mind,that if the shuttle goes behind you,you cannot hit a smash. In that case, you need to hit a Clear or a drop Lets talk about a few strategies related to smash When playing singles focus more on the shot accuracy It’s alright if you hit the smash a bit slower, but you should focus on hitting the shuttle near the line(Red Area) A return to a good smash is going to be in the front court That is why,if you hit a good smash, you should rush straight to the net and take the shuttle early Taking the shuttle early puts the opponent under pressure Hit the smash as hard as possible in doubles You can smash on the opponents body It is difficult to return a smash from these two points Avoid hitting a cross court smash when playing doubles because if the opponent gives the smash return over here you are screwed If you are always hitting smashes from the back court your opponent will anticipate them. That is why sometimes you should show that you are hitting a smash and then suddenly hit a drop shot (Practice doing this) You should smash more often if you are playing on a fast court Using a head-heavy racket will help you hit more powerful smashes In heavy head rackets, the head of the racket, that is this part is is heavier Heavier head generates more torque I’ve posted a few links to heavy head rackets in the description