Hi my name is Trish Siedlik I’m the Head Volleyball
Coach here at Bellevue University. Today we’re going to show you how to serve. I have Katie
here helping me and the first series we’re going to show you is “Ready”. Ready is the
first part of how to serve a volleyball. She has her left foot forward. Her left hand holding
the ball because she is a right-hander and she’s going to draw back, and this is “Aim”,
and she’s going to draw her hand back, hand open, and the ball still holding at eye-level.
Still the balance is on her back foot. So this is “Ready” and now this is “Aim”. And
now we’re going to “Fire”. She’s going to toss the ball and step at the same time and
contact the ball with an open hand. (To player) Show me “Ready”. Show me “Aim”. Show me “Fire”.
Show me “Ready.” Show me “Aim”. Show me “Fire”. Now if she was a left-hander, she would be
the opposite. OK, so now she is holding with her right hand with her right foot forward.
How we would start this with a younger level, we would start them up at the 10-foot line
and have some contact using this “Ready, Aim, Fire” series. And then, once we have a success
off that we would back them up a couple more steps, still maybe about half-way on the volleyball
court. And then if we’re successful again we would move back to the full court on the
back line, 30 feet from the net. As far as that goes, if they are not successful we would
be able to move them up a little bit more and still stay at that stage. Maybe the 10-foot
line, maybe the half-way point. This is how you serve a volleyball. If you have any more
questions or would like to check out BUBruins.com please go to see us on that website.