Hi, my name is John Webb. I have been coaching
for badminton for over 15 years. I am going to share some tips on how to play badminton. On walking through the basic selection of
buying a badminton racquet, what we look for, watch out for. We start playing badminton
after we learnt up holding a racquet from the sports centre which will be very clunky
big chunk metal and probably very weighed down. So, let me walk through what is the
important thing before buying a badminton racquet. Most racquets now weigh between 75 and 95
grams. Germany made over carbonyl graphite for good torque in the racquet. Some racquets
also are wide bodied which acquisitions the air resistance which makes your shots a lot
quicker. You also importantly want to be looking for
two-piece or one piece racquet which means narrow big clunky metal join there, but the
whole flows through, one piece metal looks lighter. It has got a good strength and actually
it has good connecting energies when you’re hitting a shot quicker. During gain to shots
I would look for UNIX which indicates category and recommend those grams. You want to be looking after badminton’s racquet
with real thin grip which will be a good grip and also spongy. Some shots, you can actually
go in get that administration barrow play always. Sometimes maybe high, okay you can
really get
a good feel and game balance. .