My name is Alex. I’m from Missoula All-Maggots
in Missoula, Montana. Now, we’re going to learn the up and under kick. The up and under
kick is really simple. Kicking the point of the ball for maximum height, so one of your
own players can run to the ball for a catch. Okay so it will get there in time, hits the
ground, and bounces back towards them we put a little backspin on the ball. I have set
up some cones in the distances so that we can have a target. I’m going to aim for the
middle of the cones. Straight, one step. I’m going to show you exactly where I am kicking
the ball in the up and under kick. Kicking the very point of the ball, bring your foot
right around here. It’s not going to get too far. So real slowly, I’m going to drop
it simply.