My name is Alex. I’m from Missoula All-Maggots
in Missoula, Montana. Now we’re going to do the kick for touch, spiraling long kick;
trying to gain some territory in the field. This kick is really also very simple. You
want the ball, again, to point up above your dominant foot to your dominant shoulder. When
you come across the ball, striking it high off the ground (like the previous kicks we
talked about) cross the ball kicking it almost with outside of your foot, with the sole and
the middle as well. I put some cones in the distance, again; out of sideline, just a target
to think about. In this take , I’m going to show you how to slow motion kick this ball,
kicking for touch, for a long spiraling kick. This is good to use, when trying to gain touch,
trying to gain some territory in the field; penalty place. Good one to use for your line
out. In this case, the ball is going to be pointing up towards the shoulder, again. You
can kick the ball a little higher off the ground than you would for a drop kick or for
the grubber. You come across the ball with your foot, bring a spiral to it.