OK, something you’re going to have to choose
when you have to buy a stick, is what kind of stick do you want to go with. If you’re
going to get a regular wood stick, or if you’re going to get one of these composite sticks
that I have right here. There’s a big difference in the two. They also have aluminum hockey
sticks. So, whatever you want to go with, you should make a wise decision what you’re
going to do. Wood sticks are, tend to be a little cheaper. If they break you can just
go buy a new one. The composite sticks, they’re a lot more expensive. Usually guys that have
been playing hockey for years will pick up sticks like this. They’re a little bit lighter.
They’re said to give you a better shot. So, if you go with something that, make sure it’s
really, that it’s something that you want. And the, for your kids out there, I recommend
just getting a wood stick and using that, because they’re cheap, and you’re either going
to break it, or grow out of it.