All right. Let’s say you’re in the offensive
zone and you’re trying to score on the goal here. Obviously there’s no goalie but we’ll
pretend that there is. For the offensive zone, it stops at the red line, but when the puck
is in the zone, that’s like your safe zone. You’re defensemen don’t want to go out there.
You want to keep the puck inside the blue line so you can create plays and try to get
the puck in the net. Right here, this would be one defenseman watching the net, watching
his players and maybe waiting for a pass, right there. There’s two defensemen. One would
cover half the ice, to about here. Depending on what side the puck is at. You’d go back
and forth and the other defensemen would be on this side and he would do the same thing.
Cover half of the ice from here to there. In the forward position, you have your center.
Obviously he’s going to be in the middle somewhere here. Might be behind the net. And then you’ve
got your left wing and your right wing, would be over there. If the puck goes over in that
corner, your right wing would probably get it. You’re center might stay up high, inside
the slot. This is the slot area, between the two red circles. He would be looking for a
pass from the right wing or the right wing could pass back to the defensemen or he could
pass to the left wing and get a quick shot off at the net. This is a good spot for the
center though if the puck’s over there. Same if the puck gets over on this side. You’ve
got your left wing going after it and then your center will basically stay in the high
slot looking for a pass. That’s pretty much the offensive zone.