hey hello guys this is HKS in this video I will show you how can you play don bradman cricket 17 on your keyboard Guys this is super super easy all you have to do is just watch the video so without any further adue let’s get started ok now you have download a software the link to it is in the description below the video. To download the file, go to this option and you have to prove you’re not a robot just fill the activation code in the blank and it will download the file for you i already have this file so i will not down again so these are the two files that you need just extract them separately both of them the first one is vjoy setup and another x360ce Don bradman cricket 17. So let’s start with first one extract the file. I’m using Winrar you can use any other software there are plenty of them available free on net and that second one too let me do… Yeah this one. there you go it Yeah see, it’s extracted and you can delete the files so let’s install the vjoy setup first video setup is virtual joystick setup install the app you need the third one open it and click on next it’s abdul license click on next again next again then install it it takes around 10 to 20 seconds I guess it depends upon your pc speed how much your pc can provide it now it’s asking for the permission to install the driver after giving the permission wait for five seconds and then you go and open the install application this case virtual joy provides too drastic that can be configured with 30 Inputs in each. Oh my application is already running in the background so let me quickly open it so that is how the program looks like there are plenty of options and inputs in it so we need to open this one go ahead and click it and now you have to locate the setup file of vjoy Mine is located at the desktop so now you have to open the cricket 17 which is the file which is present here see all the settings are now installed and now it’s time to enable it there are many other options too. select if you want them according to your preferences now minimize it and it’s the time for others softwares to install on your game so let’s quickly open it now copy all the files and paste it in the game’s directory mine is located at the c drive steam/ steamapps/ common and the Don Bradman Cricket 17 demo paste all the files here replace the files if it ask now software is ready to use. open x360 Ce double-click on it the program is open but mine is not responding WTF??? nothing now it will ask you for the search automatically Settings icon next just wait for five seconds and finish and it’ll ask you again do the same thing to click on finish so these are now set up so all you do is just test them now i will press W S D, See it’s working I guess so now let’s start the game and test it out are you ready let’s go yeah!!! FK FK. Sh*t Oh man you are tubelight man, c’mon Let’s Try to hit a six!!! nope that’s be Chris Gayle Man yeah whoohoo yeah i’m don bradman hope you guys like this video if you do don’t forget to give it a thumbs up share this video with your friends, your dog, your cat grandma anyone of you are interested in watching my Hindi Gameplays you know the place right you in next video over and Out!!!