Hi, this is Ash, on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to bowl around the wicket. Bowling around the
stumps for a right turn bowler, means bowling from the right of the stumps. It’s the other
way around for a left hand bowler. When you bowl the ball from around the stumps, right
hand bowler from around the stumps, do a right hand batsman. You will see the ball cut into
him, so it will come from outside his legs into the stance, into the bat, and in many
cases, even going away from the back to the off. This is a good angle, and sometimes a
bowler will use this as a change of action. Also it is being exploited, in case a bowler’s
not able to find his rhythm while bowling over the stumps. They come right side, right
of the stumps, around the stamps to bowl the delivery, to minimize the balls, and we also
have, we also find, I would say, a good rhythm. To a left handed batsman, it becomes even
more important for a right arm bowler to bowl around the stumps. To get the ball coming
into him, to bowl stump to stamp. Let’s see this. How this ball is done, from around the
stumps, by a right hand bowler. Now, this is bowling closer to the stumps, by a right
arm bowler. The advantage the right arm bowling is that it is very, very difficult to get
a batsman to LBW, if he’s a right hand batsman. This may not be the case if the batsman is
left handed. Now, let’s see in action, which is around the stumps, and right from the stumps.
Now, this action as you would see, there is a distance between the stumps and the bowler.
Well, you would basically be having this action only when you have a left hand batsman playing
your short. It’s very rare to find such an action for a right hand batsman. Because it
would be too wide, or too leg, for a right hand batsman. They say, “Catches win matches”.
This is how you shine the ball. It’s very important for a fast baller. You will see
them doing this quite often. One side of this ball is typically kept shined.