Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to bowl a googly. A googly is another effective
tool used by a spin bowler. This ball is generally bowled by a leg spinner and is the one which
is used generally to be fool the batsman. Let me tell you how to hold this ball. You
would generally keep your fingers like this. This helps in spinning the ball. Or rather,
I would say, it’s more like a reverse spin. It gives the look of having a leg spinner
bowling a leg spin, but the ball, after being bowled, straightens out to the batsman, or
may go the other way as well. Let’s see how this one looks like when we bowl it. So once
this action is done like this, it’s a proper leg spinner action, and we just want to take
your arms slightly more towards like this and once this ball is delivered, now the expectancy
which a batsman has that the ball, after landing would go towards this side, it does not happen.
The ball straightens up and surprises the batsman by coming like this. So it’s a straight
delivery, but rather than actually going here, it might also have a slight turn here towards
the leg inside the batsman. Let’s see how this is in real time. This was a typical googly.