Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to play a Strait Drive. A Strait Drive is typically
played for an over based ball. As the name suggests the bat comes in the line of the
ball to play a shot very straight in front of the stumps. It can also be played in back
foot as well as front foot. Let’s see how this shot is played. So for a ball that’s
coming on to your stumps, you get your foot in line with the ball, very straight. And
then hit the ball again in line with a straight bat. Now this bat will typically be parallel
to the stumps for the Strait shot. This shot can also be played on the back foot transferring
your weight on the back. Moving your legs and then taking the shot. Again with a very
straight bat parallel to the stumps. Let’s see this in real time. Front foot, Strait
drive. Back foot, Strait drive.