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how to play basketball as we step into the x-ray so the first thing we’re gonna
look at is basic passing passing is when you throw the ball from one teammate to
the other the goal of passing is to move the ball quickly trying to find a
teammate that is not guarded passing is an important skill for all basketball
players to have because it’s one of the hardest things to guard in all of these
clips the ball is moving faster in the air then the defense can run on the
ground this is why passing is such an advantage for the offense sharing the
basketball quickly with teammates can force the defense to move out of
position in return giving the team with the ball an advantage or an open shot the throw ahead pass is meant to beat a
defense down the floor before they are set to defend the basket it’s important
for the player with the ball to pick their head up and look down the court to
find an open teammate if you have an open teammate ahead of the ball and
ahead of the defense a throw ahead pass can lead to easy shots the next pass we’re gonna look at is the
skip pass instead of the pass being up the court from one end to the other it’s
now across the court from one side to the other side this can be a very
effective pass if the defense is out of position and leaning to one side of the
court oftentimes the defense will turn their head towards the ball and lose
sight of offensive players that are behind them another way of sharing the basketball is
called a dribble handoff two teammates will still share the basketball in a
dribble handoff but instead of a traditional pass the ball handler will
dribble towards a teammate in either handing off or tossing the ball to them
this is a good way of getting the ball to a teammate who is guarded closely or
if you want to create an advantage for the offense now let’s talk about moving
without the basketball and the first move we’ll look at is the basket cut the
basket cut is when an offensive player without the basketball
cuts or runs to their basket this cut or move can catch a defense out of position
and lead to the cutter receiving the ball or even an open shot the next cut
is the flash cut here an offensive player cuts towards a teammate in
possession of the basketball this flash cut can make you an outlet for a
teammate in possession of the basketball that may have limited options now let’s
talk about screening screening is using your body position to help a teammate
get open the first screen we’re gonna look at is the down screen the screener
are setting a down screen we’ll start at the top of the court then step down
towards a teammate using their body as a barrier between your teammates defender
it’s important to hold your position and not move during the screen moving during
the screen is considered illegal and will be called an offensive foul a back
screen is similar to a down screen except the action now starts from the
bottom of the court moving up towards the top here the screener steps up
towards a teammate allowing him to get open for a shot another common screening action is the
cross screen often called a flex screen because of its use in the Flex offense a
cross screen can catch a defense out of position while sending a teammate
towards the basket the final screen we’ll talk about is the ball screen
commonly called a pick-and-roll this screen involves a screener and the
teammate with the basketball like all of the previous screens the screener uses
their body as a barrier between the defense and their teammate with the
basketball this ball screen is one of the hardest
screens to defend and commonly forces the defense in tough positions defenses
that don’t communicate well during ball screens can become out of position and
leave offensive players open offensive players with the ball in their hand have
the opportunity to drive to the basket this dribble drive action can produce a
direct path to the basket for the ball handler a defensive foul is when an offensive
player is hit in an illegal manner by the opposing team if this offensive
player is fouled while attempting to shoot a two-point shot they are awarded
two free-throws the same for if they were attempting a three-point shot they
would be awarded three free-throws and a free throw is a rewarded opportunity for
an offensive player that was fouled by a defensive player the player that was
fouled will step to the free-throw line and shoot one free-throw at a time each
free-throw counting for one point an offensive rebound is when a team in
possession of the ball attempts a shot misses but a member of that shooting
team gains possession of the basketball this often provides an opportunity for
the offensive team to get another shot if a shot bounces off the backboard or
the rim and a teammate tips it back in this also counts as an offensive rebound
and a made field goal now let’s switch gears and talk about defense we just
talked about offensive rebounding but the defense can also gain rebounds too
if the team with the ball attempts a shot and misses at the basket and the
opposing team gains the ball this is considered a defensive rebound a
defensive rebound is often a change in possession of the ball from one team to
the other one of the best ways to get in position for a defensive rebound is
called a box out similar to using your body for a screen a box out is when a
defender uses their body to keep an offensive player away from the ball
during a shot upon gaining possession this defenders awarded a defensive
rebound a deflection is often the result of an active defender using their hands
or body to get in the way of a pass sometimes these deflections can lead to
the ball going out of bounds and the offense maintains possession but must
restart their offense other times the deflection might
actually lead to a change of possession where a defense earns the ball
this turnover of possession from an offensive player to a defensive player
is called a steal in these clips you’ll see a defensive player chase down the
basketball and earned possession of it many times these steals by the defense
can lead to quick changes of possession and open shots a loose ball is when the possession of
the basketball is no longer maintained by the offense or the defense these
loose ball opportunities may be a result of a mistake by an offensive player or
deflections and other actions by the defensive player both offensive and
defensive players have an equal opportunity to gain possession on a
loose ball next we’ll look at a blocked shot this
happens when an offensive player attempts to shoot the basketball and a
defensive player knocks it away with their hand this defensive action can
stop players from scoring and can lead to offensive or defensive rebounds
depending on which team gains possession another way to stop an offensive player
is to take a charge a charge is awarded to a defensive player who is in legal
position and is then struck by the offensive player the offensive player is
given an offensive foul and the defensive player who took the charge
will earn possession of the basketball for his team we hope today’s episode has given
you a better understanding of some of the beginner basics of how to play
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