Hi my name is Bryan Alano; welcome to expertvillage.com.
We are here today to learn the basic fundamentals of badminton. Let me tell y’all a little history
about myself. I am a former junior national team in the Philippines, in Grassroots Development
Program, and former coach in the University of Southern California, and a club trainer
in Burbank Badminton Club. First of we are going to start off in the basic stretching
of badminton. What we are going to do wrist and a throw rotation. Since badminton involves
a lot of wrist action, all you got to do is just rotate your wrist. Together with your
toes fifteen seconds in counting. The other foot. What we are going to do is an arm stretch.
Since we need a lot of stretching in our arms, cause there is a lot of arm movement and arm
strokes that we need to stretch our arms properly. In ten seconds counting and you want to make
sure you press it hard. The other arm make sure it secure and lock. Next what we are
going to do we are going to reach our toes. Make sure we reach it to the ground and you
feel the stretch under the legs. Which is really important to avoid cramps. We are switching to the other foot these would
be fifteen minutes count. Now move on to the next step. We are going to learn how to the
grip and the proper handling of the badminton racquet.