Hi my name is Bryan; welcome back to expertvillage.com.
Now we are going to go back with our footwork in a proper position of receiving a drop shot.
First off we are going to start of again with the shoulders level to the legs in a base
position with the racket out. If you notice I’m going to move my left foot forward towards
the net. Move my right foot in lunging the net. Forward. Keep in mind eye level needs
to be maintained when hitting a shuttlecock towards the net. Rule of thumb: if you get
the bird here that would be to late in receiving a drop shot. In needs to be in a eye level
always. In one important rule is the lunging. This would be the most important thing in
receiving a drop shot. You would not take a drop shot with the opposite foot or a flat
footed that way. Needs to be heels up. The left foot needs to be slanted to the ground.