– Hey hockey players and hockey parents, in this video I’m joined by world-famous hockey skills coach Steve
from BK Hockey once again, and we’re gonna show you how
to mohawk like Sidney Crosby. But hey, if you’re watching
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get into the drills. – Hi, I’m Steve Baek, BK Hockey, I work with hockey players
from all over the world. This skating drills are from Sidney
Crosby, so let’s work hard. So this skating will be
good to bring to the game, you see the Crosby, we
call the Crosby move, we’re gonna work on it. First there will be open feet,
let’s you use the inside edges. Watch me first, we’re
gonna go skate here, ready, open feet, back to the straight. Open feet, back to the straight. Open feet, back to the straight. So next there will be,
we call the heel-to-heel. So first step will be open, and then second step will be open. So make a straight, knee
bends, we can go straight to down end line. So let’s bring your stick
here in the middle, all right? So skate first, nice and
low, so one, two, and ready. (sound of skates on ice) That’s it. So we’re gonna set it from the here, ready, start here, first. Here, push. Back, push. Back, push. Back, push, back. (sound of skates on ice) Skate here, so we’re gonna do here. Push, push, push, push,
push, and then back. So this is gonna be
two different versions. So I did the first one, one foot first. Always stay on the ice, we’re gonna push the second
foot right, stand here. So now, we can use both sides, right? Okay? Keep your head up, you see, ready? Go! Push, back. Push, back. Push, back. (sound of skates on ice) You see? (sound of skates on ice) (sound of hockey stick on ice) (sound of skates on ice) You’re gonna add two more. So, let’s see the skating outside. It’s gonna be similar, but
let’s use the outside hip. And make sure you’re
gonna bring to the game on the offensive side, all right? So, let’s do it here. Ready, one, outside. One, outside. One, outside. One, outside. One, outside. One, outside. So we see, one, outside. One, outside. One, outside. That’s it. – All right, thanks for that video, Steve. Hopefully you guys enjoyed
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