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Hockey and I get it. Making hockey teams is hard, especially when you’re trying to
move up a level, you’re trying to make that next level team, you’re trying to
make a team at a higher age group. Whatever it is understanding what you
need to do to make that team at the next level is crucial and that’s what we’re
going to cover in this video. ONE: Don’t try to impress the coach. What I mean by
this is if you’re always trying to impress the coach, if you’re always
wondering if the coach is looking at you and you’re going to work hard, you want
to be noticed, you want to see that coach watch you do the right thing, train
harder, work harder than everybody else, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
Look, you’re not always going to see what the coach sees. So only worrying about
when the coach is watching you is a horrible plan and a lot of players fall
into this trap. They try to impress the coach whether it be in practice, whether
it be in a clinic, whether it be in tournaments, whether it be off ice
training, they’re trying to impress the coach. Whenever they get in front of that
coach they’re trying to impress the coach, but coaches see you all the time.
Coaches see when you don’t recognize that they see you, so setting yourself up
to try to do that is going to be a failure. There’s going to be plenty of
times when the coach sees you and you don’t even know that they’re watching. So
what you need to do is you need to do the right thing,
train hard, focus on doing what’s best for you, build those habits that put you
in a situation where you’re going to be doing the right thing no matter if that
coach is watching or not, and then they’re going to start to notice you
without you even caring or thinking about it and that’s what coaches look
for, right. That coach is going to look for that consistency. It’s easy to see
the player that’s trying to impress the coach. It’s hard to find the player
that’s always pushing themselves extremely hard, that’s always encouraging
other players, that’s always doing the right things no matter what, and not just
trying to impress that coach. TWO: Don’t worry about being the cool player, right.
Sometimes you get into games, sometimes you get into
practices and it’s easy to kind of go through the motions a little bit because
if you’re that guy or that girl that’s pushing themselves extremely hard,
especially in practices or in warm-ups and you’re taking it too seriously some
of the better players or some of the best players are going to look at you
and be like: you know, that’s not how we do it. Some of the best players are going
to go through the motions a little bit, right. They’re going to act like they’re
too good, they’re going to have a little bit of cockiness to them. That’s great and
maybe that works for them maybe it doesn’t but the bottom line is don’t
fall into that trap. You need to compete extremely hard and it’s okay to stand
out a little bit and compete a little bit harder than everybody else. It’s okay
in practice to work your bag off and treat it like it’s the most important
game of your life even though it’s just a practice drill or a warm-up drill in
the beginning to practice because coaches are going to notice that. So
don’t worry about what your teammates are going to think, don’t worry about if
you’re not perceived as being one of the cool players. Worry about getting the job
done. THREE: Your goal shouldn’t be just to make the team. If your goal is just to
make the team then more than likely you’re setting your goal too low. What
happens when you set your goal too low? You don’t hit it. No coach is looking for
a player just to barely squeak onto the team is one of the last spots. If that’s
your goal is just to barely make the team or I hope I just make the team then
your chances of actually succeeding are going to be low. The coach wants the
player who’s going to step in and be dominant on that team, that’s going to
step in and take over. So why does this matter? It matters because everything you
do up to that point is going to affect what that decision is, right. So if your
goal is just to barely make the team then you’re going to train just hard
enough to barely make the team, you’re going to practice just hard enough to
barely make the team. Everything that you’re doing your daily actions are
going to be focused on just barely making that team and that’s not good
enough. If you set your goal to be one of the most dominant players on the team to
be in the top line then your daily actions are going to reflect that. Every
single day you need to do what’s necessary to be the best player on that
team, that’s going to be in your mind that’s going to be cemented into your
brain and your actions need to reflect that and then when you go to that tryout, when
you go to the practices when you’re training off the ice everything you’re
doing is going to be based on that goal. Now whether it happens or not if that’s
the direction you’re going you’re much more likely to make the team because
you’re not trying to just barely make it you’re trying to be dominant. So let’s
say you hit your goal. Great, you’re one of the best players on the team, but you
fall a little bit short now you’re in the middle of the pack. So everything you
do every single day needs to be focused on that goal and set your goals highest but
it’s not just about setting the goal it’s about actually following through
and making sure your daily actions match that goal. So train, act, think, study like
that player who’s going to be the number one player on the team, going to be on
the top line or the top pair defenseman and that’s how you need to think every
day. If you just hope to make the team you won’t make the team. If you want more
information on how you can make any team, make the team and be a dominant player
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one of the best players on the team so go to, okay.
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