Do you want to know how to jump higher for
rugby? Well we’ve put together 5 exercises to take
your vertical jump to the next level! If you want to jump higher for rugby you need
to train the whole force velocity curve. We’ve put together 5 exercises to do just
that and will transfer to greater jumping ability on the field. So our high force exercise is the box squat
a great exercise for building maximum strength of the glutes and hamstrings, a lot more posterior
chain dominant than regular squatting and really important here, you’ve got good rate
of force development because of that pause on the box. make sure you sit back, keep you core tight
on the box and then drive through the heels as your hips come forward. The Concentric Jump Squat is an excellent
variation to increase the velocity great for rate of force development as you’re starting
from a static position on the pins try and set the pins up so you’ve got a 90 degree
knee bend and then jump as explosively as possible. The hang clean is a lot more posterior chain
dominant than the concentric jump squat but this carries over a lot better to vertical
jumping great for rate of force development because you pause just above the knee and
then look for an explosive triple extension. The hex bar jump squat carries over even more
so to the vertical jump with the recruitment of the posterior chain research shows the
higher you jump the more you recruit the posterior chain and the hex bar is great for this. You don’t need to load it heavy 50 kg max. And of course if you wanna jump high you’ve
gotta jump! Practice your jumping, varu it between hands
on hips and using the arm swing for a greater jump. So there you go Rugby Renegade’s 5 Best Exercises
For Increasing Your Vertical Jump For Rugby. Please like and share and any questions hit
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