I’m Gro Hammerseng-Edin, I’m a professional
handball player and an Olympic champion. A very central part of handball
is about throwing. Throwing passes. Or shooting.
Which is also a throw. And this is some of what
we practice the most during our training sessions. The reason we’re sitting
and throwing right now is that this way we’re forcing
ourselves to pay attention to how we’re using the torso. So we’re practising precision
and we’re practising power, and the mobility of the torso. And the reason that we’re
choosing different variants is that you shoot and throw in all these positions
in a handball match. And that’s why it’s useful
practice to do this sitting. When we sit facing each other, then that’s the easiest
sort of throw. And if we want
to challenge ourselves we can sit parallel
to each other. Which demands
a bit more mobility. And often when attacking
in handball, with your face facing forward,
facing the goal, I should also be able
to throw the ball sideways to my team-mate. And I then feel that I have
to use my whole upper body to try to throw a good pass
with some power and precision, which is very
important in handball. And if we turn the other way.
This way. Then I will have to throw
a different type of pass. And to make it extra difficult,
I can try and look forward. Because that’s
where the goal is, and that’s probably
where I will score. When we practise
passes and throws, one of the most important
things is that the ball arrives exactly
where you want it to. And in handball this is
where you want to receive it. I want the pass here. So there’s a short way back,
so I can make a quick pass to one of my team-mates. So the reason we practise this
every single day is that it requires
great precision and we’re concerned
with small details, which means we have to do
it many times over, every single training. Now we’ve shown you
an exercise you can practise to become good at throwing, and this is something
that everyone can practise. Now it’s your turn. Buy a ball. Now Gro has taught you
all we know. Go for it, now it’s your turn!