Hi guys Ian from the Football Boots team and today we’re looking at different type of football American football obviously football boots soccer cleats they are very similar to football cleats and today we’re going to be dipping some and see what they come out like inspired by some American football teams in the NFL we got the Cowboys we’ve got the Seahawks we’ve got the Steelers we’ve got the Patriots we’ve got much more in this video stay tuned we’re gonna dip some boots some cleats let’s get into it right guys so they are all finished I’ve got six customs in total you’ve got the Steelers with this yellow and black design you’ve got our Cincinnati Bengals helmet you can think of it as the black orange for the football boots though we’ve got this Patriots silver blue and red design you’ve got the Raiders there that’ll probably look better with the white laces but obviously we’ve got the blue and the green with the Seahawks and the kind of rave green on there for those and then the other one we’ve got my absolute least favorite in the bunch is this Cowboys one which is terrible so please forget that all right guys I want you to have a vote in the poll card let me know which your favorite is out of all of these designs we’re only gonna put five up is it the helmet is it the Steelers is it the Seahawks is it the Patriots or is it the Raiders let us know in the poll Cardon out let us know what you think you’ve got any ideas for other customs you want to see on the channel then we’ll be back with some more of those soon thanks for watching go enjoy your football