Hi friends,I’m Kartik and today we will learn how to hold a badminton racket There are two basic ways to hold the racket one is forehand and other is backhand Hold the racket vertically as shown, and then shake hands with it Your index finger should be above the thumb and the thumb should touch this finger one more thing, always hold the racket loosely Dont hold it tightly.You will waste your energy Holding the grip as shown is wrong it is also wrong to hold the grip as shown. This was forehand grip. Now we’ll learn how to hold the backhand grip Hold the racket as shown Put your thumb on this part index finger should be opposite to your thumb This is the backhand grip Let’s see where to hold which grip this is the forehand grip and this is the backhand grip It takes time to get used to switching between the two grips please have patience! There are some exercise which would help you switch between the grips quickly This exercise is called wall practice I’m sure that if you consistently practice you will definitely get it it right If you have any doubts or suggestions,then please mention in the comments! If you found this help,please like and subscribe 🙂