this video shows the improvements in body control and hitting mechanics of this 12 recently turned 13 year old after six powercore360 power hitting and training sessions on the left in her initial session you
see her swinging across her body with her arm only the whole body was all over the place and landed facing the same direction when she started meaning she didn’t use any of her legs
hips core or any other big strong muscles to create the power to turn her body she had minimal power and that power she created was all arm and shoulder when she lands her knees shoot forward increasing the stress on her knees and setting the knees up for injury poor loading of her hips on the right after six one hour training sessions you see her training very advanced moves for any age player in this session she’s rapidly learned to start the swing with the kick of her legs and then she correctly and sequentially turns her hips then her shoulders which brings her arms through like a whip creating increased arm speed ball velocity and now has learned a bio mechanically
correct swing on the right you now see the confidence from a volleyball hitter who knows the correct sequence for how to
harness the power of her core to hit with the correct hitting mechanics and is building a solid foundation for future high level volleyball performance