[Music] today we’re gonna teach you how to get a harder shot but without going to the gym to get thighs like an Olympic weightlifter but simply by improving your shooting technique well go through five stages of the shot to teach you how to shoot with more venom but before we start let me clear off a common misconception that you’re gonna hear from more or less every high level player out there shooting with power doesn’t come only from having big leg muscles because they help but it’s mostly about your technique so get that lock down and then you can start working on those impressive thigh muscles that you can flex on the beach at a later point if you’re into that sort of thing the first step is the run-up which is important because it gives you momentum and in shooting momentum matters quite a lot look out of this way if you’re standing completely still it’s pretty difficult getting any sort of power on the shot simply by swinging your leg but if you instead approach the pool with a good amount of speed and forward-facing motion and momentum generating said power is a lot easier so what you want to do is take four or five good steps back give yourself a bit of an angle compared to where you want to shoot and then your approach to pool with wide steps and a good amount of speed or without losing your balance like this power next step to focus on is when you plant your standing foot because it’s actually pretty important when it comes to your shooting power so the stronger you can plant down your standing foot more power and force they’re gonna be able to generate so go out and practice running up towards the ball and then really planting your standing foot with a lot of fools and energy to make a stable base and connect it between your body and the ground with as much power as possible at the point of impact with the ball and also remember to use your arms to balance to make the motion as smooth as possible then you want to focus on setting up your body for the actual shot and here it’s important to focus on getting a solid strong back swing of your shooting foot and also the right forward swing so what you want to focus on here is to really swing your leg up high in the kicking motion with a lot of power and then subsequently you want to tighten your muscles a little bit and guide the leg forward in a more natural motion so don’t tighten up the muscles and really make a powerful forced forward motion off your foot let it fall naturally like gravity to its job to make the motion more smooth and the power transfer more efficient now I used to practice this by standing on one leg and really giving myself the feel of letting the leg fall naturally and it is a big weight at first once you get used to the feeling you can definitely tell that it makes some sort of a difference but now we can’t postpone it any longer the strike itself now here I always try to hit the pool just below the dead center of it to give the ball a slightly rising motion but also to avoid any unnecessary spin to give it the most straight powerful flight possible and also my old attacking coach told me to kind of visualize the flight pattern of where I want the ball to go and then trace it back to see how I need to angle my foot and my run-up and determine where and which angle I need to hit just below the dead center on the blue front very efficient now at the point of impact between foot and hole try to hit the ball on the hard top part of the instep to really use natural hotness of the bone to generate as much juice as you possibly can and also remember to flex your foot and lock your angle to really give you the most solid stable base for the power transfer from foot to pole as you possibly can last you want to look at your follow-through which also directly impacts the fly pattern and power of your shot now if we look at the knuckleball shot it has a very short and sudden stop on the follow-through but if you want to generate as much power as possible you want to have a powerful straight and very direct follow-through that kind of makes sure your foot goes completely through the pool and drives the ball on and only when you’re a hundred percent sure that the ball has left your foot you can start swinging it across your body like you would normally do so remember it’s not all about those impressive thigh muscles when it comes to getting a harder shot but equally much about your technique so remember one get a good powerful fast run-up to make sure you plant your support foot with a lot of force three get a powerful backswing but don’t force the forward swing for hit the center of the ball use the top part of the instep and flex and lock your angle and five get a good powerful straight and clean follow-through and then just go train train train remember that my way isn’t necessarily the final way so it’s all about you finding the right technique for you to improve your shot power and then if you train with a lot of dedication I’m pretty sure you’re gonna see an improvement relatively quickly it’s a good luck so that’s shooting with more power sorted diner valise remember the football is a holistic game so getting stronger more powerful muscular thighs it’s gonna help you in getting more power shooting better and with new accuracy but what’s your best tip for shooting with power you see let us know in the comment section right down below and then also don’t forget that if you want a pair of these brand new crisp tiempo legend sevens you can go and copy me if you follow the link and go to unisport or come right over there also if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to go subscribe with the notifications on of course to make us very happy and see all our latest videos the second they drop and finally all learn to improve your overall football game by watching the playlist right down there with that said I’m signing off here we go