My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach at LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. Another move is a simple move but it’s good for changing direction.
It’s called the outside in, it’s a move where you’re heading one direction and you quickly
shift to the other direction. Watch Luis as he demonstrates this. He pushes the ball outside
and then moves it back inside. Outside, in. You can go both ways, you can go outside in
and inside out. A nice easy way to change directions and beat the defender. Now watch
him as he takes it back he’s going to take it a little more up to speed, then take off
dribbling. He brings the ball up, brings it out and then back in and heads in the other
direction. Here he comes this time, that time he moved in and then went back outside. Once
again a simple move, but if you work on it and master it you’re going to blow right by
that defender.