While we are still on the topic of the clear,
the next discussion is the backhand clear which for a lot of beginners and even intermediate
players is a very difficult shot. It’s very important that you hit the shuttle
when it’s either directly overhead or even possibly a little bit behind you it’s okay
as well. It’s a rotation and not a wrist flick. So you want to rotate the shuttle and hit
it like this. So Chibing is going to demonstrate the backhand
clear. Notice that when he hits the backhand clear
he is making contact with the shuttle when it’s at the level of his head and perhaps
even slightly behind his head and if you can look closely when he hits the shuttle with
his racket, the racket head is flat against the shuttle and not at an angle. If you hit the shuttle at an angle you end
up slicing the shuttle and losing a lot of power that way. And that is basically how you hit a backhand