Swoop: Broadway, you know this is my favorite
part right here. I love the trick, I’m trying to be out there
doing my thing on the trick thing I learned some other moves today. Broadway: What so you want to learn? Swoop: I want to learn how to do the Diamond
Cutter. Broadway: No, absolutely not. Swoop: No, you got to teach me man. Broadway: No, no. Swoop: Please teach me. Broadway: You want the Diamond Cutter? Swoop: I want the Diamond Cutter, man. Broadway: You want to go to the diamond district? Swoop: I want to cut it up. The Diamond. Broadway: So you going to survive 75-, Swoop: Yes. Broadway: Yeah, that’s what I want to do. So I’m not going to teach you how to do the
Diamond Cutter. Swoop: Why not? Broadway: Because I’ve got somebody in here
that’s an expert. Swoop: An expert? Broadway: That can show us how to do the Diamond
Cutter. Swoop: Oh I got to see this, I got to see
this. Broadway: We got the King here. Swoop: Whoa. Broadway: The King is going to teach you how
to do the Diamond Cutter. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: This is a very, very detailed very
intricate trick. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: But, first remember Swoop. Swoop: Yeah. Broadway: You don’t try this stuff. Swoop: No, no. Broadway: Just coming outside to play basketball. Swoop: No, no, no. Broadway: You don’t just walk in the gym and
Diamond Cut. Swoop: No, no, no. We don’t want to do that. You got to work on your fundamentals first. Broadway: Fundamentals first. Swoop: Be a ball player. Broadway: Be a ball player. Swoop: Then a trickster. Broadway: Then a trickster. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: So then we’ll learn how to do stuff
like the Diamond Cutter. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: So what the players on our team
usually do, they usually start with the Catch On The Neck. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: Which we talked about earlier. Swoop: Right. Broadway: And then they go right into the
Diamond Cutter. Swoop: Let’s give it a shot. Broadway: So King Arthur’s first going to
work on his bounce and his Catch On The Neck. Swoop: Nice. Broadway: You see that? Swoop: Nice. Broadway: Ball just stands right there. So what King Arthur is doing is he’s bouncing
that basketball and as soon as the basketball comes right around face level. Swoop: Right. Broadway: He’s ducking right underneath it,
keeps a straight back. Notice he has a good base. Swoop: Nice. Broadway: See the shoulder width apart? Good catch on the neck. And then from there he goes into the Diamond
Cutter. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: Now the motion with the Diamond
Cutter, the reason it’s called a Diamond Cutter, is because your arms are in the shape of a
diamond. Swoop: Oh I thought that was an isosceles
triangle. Broadway: Absolutely not. Swoop: It’s not? Broadway: No. Swoop: I took geometry. Broadway: Yeah? Swoop: Last week. Broadway: How did you do? Swoop: I didn’t do to well. Broadway: Obviously. So now back to this Isosceles Diamond Cutter. What Arthur’s going to do is he’s going to
get the motion of his body going in a circle. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: Maintaining the shape of a diamond. Swoop: Diamond. Broadway: The ball will be rolling around
his neck, Swoop: Around the neck? Broadway: and on his arm, in front of his
head, and around it, and continuing the motion over and over. Swoop: It like on a race car track. Broadway: It is. Swoop: Oh man, I got to see this. Show me. Broadway: But you got to keep good balance… Swoop: Okay. Broadway: …or the ball will fall off your
neck. Swoop: okay, show me, show me, show me. Broadway: So here’s the first step. The bounce, the Catch On The Neck, and then
he puts his hand in the motion, and then he goes into the Diamond Cutter. The ball stays up there, he can move as fast
or as slow as he wants to. Swoop: Wow, wow, wow. Broadway: Controlling the basketball. Swoop: Whoa. Can I try? First see, so first I got to get the Catch
The Ball On Your Neck, okay. Ow, sorry. I go it, okay. Broadway: You alright? Swoop: Ow. Broadway: No, no, no. Why don’t I just put it on your neck? Swoop: Okay. Broadway: Bend down. Swoop: Okay. Ow. Broadway: Yeah, yeah. Swoop: What do I do now? I make, you said make a square right? Broadway: No, not a, a diam-, Swoop: A circle? Broadway: A diamond. Swoop: A diamond, oh a diamond, okay. Broadway: There you go. Swoop: What do I do now? Oh, it’s going by itself. I don’t know. Oh, it’s going. Broadway: Yeah. Swoop: It’s going. Broadway: Yeah, you got it. Swoop: Go get going, yeah. I’m dizzy, I’m dizzy. Broadway: You are dizzy. Swoop: Okay. Broadway: You must be. Swoop: Yeah. [Broadway and Swoop]: Me myself I like the
night, it’s raining now, I feel the vibe. Broadway: No man don’t dance we’re doing the
thing, man. Swoop: the Diamond Cutter. Broadway: Yeah the Diamond Cutter. So, anyway there you have it. First you have to get the Catch On The Neck. Swoop: Right. Broadway: Then you have to put your hands
in the right position, the diamond. Swoop: Right. Broadway: You got that ball and you got the
roll around motion. Swoop: Nice. Broadway: And that’s how you do the Diamond
Cutter. Swoop: I like it, I like it.