Hello viewers 🙂 Welcome to NBC In this video am gonna talk about a simple method to control wide balls I can’t do a demo by intentionally putting a wide and bowling the following ball spot on and say that this technique is working you can use this method when you want to control wide balls no need of any unnecessary demos so i din’t do any demo in this video I’ll tell clearly about the technique and you can use it when you are bowling wide deliveries Before getting into the video please do subscribe and don’t forget to press the bell symbol to get updated whenever I post a video.. Lets go into the video so basically there are two common reasons behind wide ball occurance First one is the flaw in body alignment.. If your body is not in-line with leg then there will be a flaw If your body weight fall apart then alignment collapses leading to wide balls the second one is.. wavering of bowling arm during release.. this way or that way.. This flaw can also lead to bowling a wide delivery these are the 2 main reasons for the wide balls.. Other bigger flaws might require major corrections Which is not covered in this video But basically these are the two reasons for the wide ball we have a common solution for these defects usually non bowling arm is used for pulling and pace generation purpose you can use this arm for AIMING also block your eyesight (not completely) with the non bowling arm for aiming then allow the bowling arm to follow the non-bowling arm as it goes down so since we aim with non-bowling arm and letting the bowling arm to follow the non-bowling arm The aim will be PRECISE and let us to bowl in the right line where we aim at It corrects both alignment as well as release point… so chance of bowling a wide ball reduces drastically So you people might have understood the flaws and the respective correction for it by this way we can easily control wide ball as well as overall extras so whenever you bowl a wide ball be conscious and try bringing your non-bowling arm in front of your face not everyone aims with the non bowling arm.. but atleast you can one use this once or twice to get back the line so this simple trick prevents you from bowling wide ball Thanks for watching the video.. don’t forget to like this video And please do subscribe and press the bell symbol for updates Thanks for watching.. Keep Supporting !!