You are at the tournament Venue, your name has been announced and your match is going to start in 15 minutes How nervous are you? If I was in your place, I would already have been to the washroom twice, my hands and legs become stiff, breathing gets heavy, and I’m afraid of losing the match basically,I am Nervous Right Now When you and your opponent are physically more or less equally capable, what matters is how strong you are mentally and how you handle nervousness This topic is addressed in the book “Inner Game of Tennis” Today,I’ll share 4 tips based on this book During a match, between two rallies I tend to think about a lot of distracting thoughts I’m hitting all the strokes outside, what would my friends say if I lose, there must be a small stone inside my socks I’m f*cked if I lose this match Nervousness becomes worse due to all the thoughts All of the thoughts are unnecessary So how to we control our thoughts? So what you can do is, between two rallies,you can concentrate on your are breathing Observe how you are breathing IN Observe how you are breathing out By doing this ,your attention will not wander away During a rally, as the shuttle is coming towards you, you should watch the shuttle very closely Observe how the shuttle is rotating Doing this will increase your concentration Why do we get nervous? You can’t simply ask someone to not get nervous Nervousness is an emotion You can’t decide to not be nervous I get nervous because I am afraid of losing the match A lot of players think that if they lose, other players won’t give them much respect Players who win all the matches are respected more than the losers. What logic is this?? How much you respect someone should not depend on how well the person plays Keep in mind that winning and losing is dependent on two points first is how well you play and second is how well your opponent plays Opponent’s skill level,His experience are things which will influence your probability of winning So there is no point in worrying whether you’re going to win, as it is not in your control anyways but what you can 100% control is How much effort you put in So all you have to do is give your best Do not think about winning and losing Anyone who is into sports, should read this amazing book I’ve mentioned the link in the description Summary If you found this video helpful , then please like ,share and subscribe there is no need to be nervous