Futsal Coaching Skill and technique Futsal coaching skill tutorial Futsal skills coaching video tutorial some guys leader here again for your
athletic and skilled a week later on today we’re going to work on the double
sole it’s a move that I personally use a lot when I play football especially
there’s two variations to this and there’s three steps for each variation
the first variation is the double so we call it simply because we go out first the first step to the double so all you
gonna take it with the sole of your foot reach out you gonna catch it all sorts
of fun you do this try to go a little more backwards don’t
go forward or backwards for the second step you gonna happen backwards and
catch it again with the opposite foot ball starts here catch it backwards for
the ball back within the last half of the Douglas all after I do that I’m
gonna take a touch with the inside of my foot of my opposite foot take the house backwards instead of my
foot forming some sort of the reason why for movie is because better defenders
going to step into going to reach an expression so you get away you don’t let
them stabbing and when the wall again the complete more little quicker catch back hurts us on the outside and noticed
I plan for I’m hoppin in every time that I take it touch with my with a foot that
I’m doing them with catch then again see if you go backwards catch so much that
words when you go forward you can go for within saudi foot with a solution trying to get out of the back and I got
no way out by a pass so I tend to use more than a little variation to this is
what we call the sole delay demonstrate now so when the soul delaying are you
going to do is take hops backwards attractive defended towards you I guess again this week was a double
salt to variations in your letter and skilled week hope to see if I ever watch
you guys play