Hello viewers welcome to nothing but cricket… In this video am gonna teach you guys how to bowl carrom ball Since I am also new to this technique am gonna demonstrate the technique with tennis ball Since I am a leggy I did’nt use carrom ball which is obviously not necessary for leggies carrom ball is helpful mostly for off spinners If you guys are new to carrom ball please use the tennis ball initially to avoid hurting your fingers with cricket ball so let me show the technique to bowl carrom ball we shall begin with grip The middle finger has a heavy work load coz thats the finger we use to carrom strike the ball carrom ball is similar to striking a coin in carrom board so we use middle finger for that we won’t use the pinky finger.. pointing finger and ring finger provides the support to hold the ball thumb finger also for supporting and pinky finger will be extending outside the ball this is the grip with middle finger in striking position with the support of these three fingers the middle finger strikes the ball as just like we do in carrom game but with revolution just like this so by doing this you will be able to get the nip after the ball getting pitched and carrom ball goes away from the righthander after getting pitched wrong’un for the carrom ball is little difficult so as a off spinner you will find carrom ball as a wonderful variation it’ll be more effective than doosra according to me lot of practice needed.. start practicing with tennis ball and later move on to cricket ball in order to prevent finger injuries **summarizing previously said points** and some people won’t be using the ring finger while grippinng.. they’ll use only three fingers that is also well and good.. you can use any of these two grips first one using 4 fingers and second one is using 3 fingers you can use the one which suits you let’s see how carrom ball works for me the strategy to bowl this ball is bowl 3-4 off spinning deliveries outside off stump and make the batsmen to defend it follow it up with the carrom ball in the stump line ball will move away from the batsmen so if he tries to sweep or flick then he might get leading edged so if you use this strategy there is high chance of picking wicket so you guys try it. don’t forget to like the video and also please do subscribe and also press the bell icon to get updates thanks for watching.. Keep supporting !!