The number 1 point is be able to learn, be able to understand the basic badminton skills In badminton there is logic, there is logic for grip there is logic for posture hitting skills and movement skills there is logic, the advanced way and beneficial way to hit shuttle cock in the real match. so, in real match players have to play in certain way but from my experience a lot of club players are practising, spending a lot of time to learn the techniques and skills which is not really happening, which is not really be able to use it in the real match so, for example a player practice a way which is not really happening in the real match and then try to use that technique in the real match so, it does not work that way that makes me really frustrating to see it because I can see the things a player, a club player practising on court to play better, cannot be used in the real match so, eventually this player just completely wasting his practice now, it is better to spend one month or 1 year to learn the basic right skills it is better to spend more time, to understand be able to understand the logic of badminton what is really happening in the real match and then after identifying all the true techniques all the techniques which are really being used in the real match and then practice those skills is far better than just listening to some of advanced players in club saying your grip should be loose, so this player without any knowledge have a completely loose grip and when they hit it they loose control and some players say when you rotate, you have to rotate the clock wise which is not true and some players ask there mixed double partner you must stay inside T so the women just listen and just hiding there, which is not true there are so many statements from some of the advanced players which is not really true, and there are so many players who listen to those statements and just copy it without real understanding or without real identification of if that is really true so, in my youtube channel there are lot of basic skills available so, before you actual training some thing please watch and understand if that is really true even I say something you should question me or you should look and check if that is really right or if that is really happening in the real match so I recap before you practice, before you train please spend more time to identify, to understand the right basic skills, that is the first step for you to become and advanced player in the future so, if you don’t have that knowledge you are trying to start your car with gear number 3 so, it won’t happen, it will take too long and after some time you have to come back and redo it all again so, eventually you had wasted so much of time not only that it takes even longer to undo what you have been training at the wrong way