there are many skills you need to learn
to become a better rocket league player skills like the fast aerial the Power
Shot how to carry the ball how to hit the ball how to play deep ok you get the
points but today we’re going to be going over what is by far the most important
skill you can learn in all of rocket League the air dribble in the words of
the great philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz if you can’t air dribble then
you ain’t geez he’s 100% right though air dribbling is the easiest to learn
hardest to defend highest percentage shot in the entire game you can
literally never go wrong attempting and air dribble plus there’s a direct
correlation between your ability to air dribble and the size of your pit box so
let’s get into it first what is air dribbling
well it’s basically carrying the ball in the nose of your car while flying
through the air yeah pretty crazy right sadly most of us
are not even close to being this good at air dribbling so let’s go back to the
basics the first step is to get the ball to roll slowly at the wall it’s
definitely easier if the ball is rolling slowly and not bouncing but as we will
see later advanced players can air dribble from almost anywhere try to
position your car a little bit back from the ball as it’s rolling and then hit
the ball right as it’s starting to come up the vertical part of the wall don’t
jump off the wall don’t dodge don’t do anything just let your car hit the ball
that’s it at this point you’re going to want to jump off the wall and your start
air dribbling but just hang on for a second your goal should be to hit the
ball out into the field towards the goal if the ball is higher on the wall when
you hit it your angle will need to be more horizontal but if it’s lower you
can have your car at more of a vertical angle it’s going to take a ton of
practice before you get this down so don’t listen to people who try to tell
you that there’s this exact place on their wall
where you want to hit the ball or a specific spot where you should jump off
it’s really more of a feel thing plus you’re almost never going to have that
perfect setup in a real game so try getting used to hitting the ball off
different parts of the wall at different speed okay now just jump off the wall
and air dribbling into the goal just kidding the first touch so important yet
so difficult I talked to my previous video about becoming one with your car
air dribbling is basically becoming one with the ball you can’t become warm if
your first touch isn’t soft enough that’s what she said don’t you dare so
how do you get your car to the ball without hitting the ball away from your
car first if the ball is far from you try to stop posting right before your
car hit at the ball and then start boosting again after that first touch
however the sooner you jump off the wall the less distance your car will have to
travel and the less speed it will generate before hitting the ball ideally
you want to jump off the wall a split second after you hit the ball again this
takes hours and hours and hours of practice a dribbling it’s all about car
control and I’m not just saying that to get you to watch my other video we simply can’t do this unless you have
complete control over your car and you’re comfortable flying it in every
possible way practice picking a corner in the goal
before you start your air dribble and try to move with the ball to that corner
other than that you’re just going to have to practice and practice and
practice and practice the more oh yeah one last thing you should definitely try
air dribbling in car cam as with dribbling on the ground you’ll have way
more precision and your camera won’t be moving constantly beyond that I can’t
really help you the rest is up to you keep practicing