in this video we’re gonna talk about the
movement of the wrist so actually the movement of the wrist is actually one
big misconception we are not actually bending our wrist to to generate power
but in fact we are using what’s called a rotation of the forearm and this is
called the supination and the pronation so the first key point is we’re not
using the wrist to generate power but we are using the pronation and the
supination movement to do that we need to position our fingers so we can
optimize this pronation and supination movement so let’s first take the back
hand which is the supination movement we want to position our thumb on the grip
and it could be various points on the grip but the main key point is that we
need to use the thumb to push and to do that we don’t want our index finger to
be too high a lot of players have the habit of still having the index finger
high and in that case we are automatically gonna use the wrist for
power and we cannot generate power with the wrist for the pronation movement we want the
middle part of the index finger to be the pressure point on our grip so we
can again use the forearm rotation the pronation here to generate the power the
next key point would be to be relaxed in order to generate power we need to be
relaxed first before we can tighten up our muscles and generate power so the
movement of the wrist is one big misconception we want the wrist to be in
a neutral position and sometimes we want to preload but we don’t want to flex we
don’t want to use the wrist to generate power but the forearm rotation