Hello everyone, this is Katie Colleen with Colleen Cosplay here, and today I’m doing something
different and a little crazy. So now this project that I
had started after the New Year and I’ve been working really hard on, it has grown so huge that I
now need to wear a hoop skirt to hold up the weight of
this cosplay that I’m making. And it has just occurred to
me that I will be wearing a hoop skirt with basically
a ballgown over it, and the ballgown has a train,
and I use mobility aids. Like in my head thinking how am I going to walk
around the convention? Okay, so I got, I felt like,
a like moderately okay-sized hoop skirt, like it’s not huge. Ta-da! So I think I’ve kind of figured out doors. Sometimes you have to just… Our neighbors have this dog. (barking) And there’s nothing I can
really do about it. Enjoy our soundtrack it is an original soundtrack, do not copyright… of this dog. So I usually use my crutches, but I was really concerned about like, being able to adjust my knee braces, so I have my knee braces here. I like how there’s more dogs barking now, like it’s a whole neighborhood thing. That’s why this soundtrack is an original and with multiple artists. (barking) So I think that’s going to be okay, I can just like lift up the
hoops and fix the braces, okay. Now we get to the interesting part, let’s test out the crutches. I use forearm crutches for
every convention I attend, this just works the best for me. In a perfect world it just works
using the forearm crutches, preferably both of them. (rustling) (boof) (barking) Generally I have my crutches
like to the side of my feet, like just wide enough that I
won’t kick them with my feet when I walk, so I think I’m
gonna have to try and like, like I’d have to have my
crutches all the way out here, at like this angle. So my crutch, in order to
be like, not in the dress, has to be at this weird angle, so if you look at like where
it’s contacting the ground, it’s not making like
a flat contact at all, I’m in like the very corner
of like this rubber stopper. I don’t think I could
do this for super long, just because it’s really
hard on the shoulder joints, ’cause instead of putting
all my force downward, like I would like this, all
my force is at an angle, so it’s kind of going up
into my shoulder joints uncomfortably, but I could
probably make it work for like a little while. The other thing to
consider was one crutch, and I can do one crutch
if I have the braces and I take a lot of breaks. So I could, then you could have it like down, and the skirt can just be up here. Yeah I think this could work, so I also, let me show you one other thing. So I have these kind of crutches too, I don’t really like them because you can’t like lift up with them. No, I think that’s
worse, yeah that’s worse. (clatter) I think so far this is the way. (clatter) (sighs) Okay, so I’m gonna try
some underarm crutches, I pretty much never use underarm crutches just because like they don’t work for me, but one of you guys, one of my followers, commented saying that you
use underarm crutches, so I wanna like, obviously
include that because I have them. (footsteps and clicking) So I have the same problem
with the underarm crutches as I do with the forearm, is that like having it
at the normal position is just not going to work, so I’m going to have to avoid the hoops, so I’m gonna to have to
go sideways like this. I can see this working. Ah! Okay, so having given it some practice I’m going to crown a winner. So for me the easiest is one crutch. We’re gonna do one crutch
and the knee braces, the knee braces help a lot. And my idea is then I can
like pick up the hoops to go through like doors. I’m going to try and get up
the stairs and into a door in the hoop skirt with my crutches, and we’re gonna see how that goes, because I’m gonna have to go
up steps for the competition. Going down you gotta put the crutch first, I wanna have the most thorough hoop-skirt-versus-mobility-
aids review for you guys, I mean at least the
mobility aids I own and use, so I’m also going to walk
across like our backyard. It’s kind of like this
wasteland right now, it’s not that we aren’t taking care of it or no-one’s not taking care of it, we just have to wait until
spring for the rental property to lay down sod, so right now
it’s just this weed wasteland, we have our very own tumbleweeds. So I’m gonna try walking over
this with just one crutch, and you just don’t know like, where your hoop skirt will go with you, I mean take it hiking, take it everywhere, like I want the most
thorough review for you guys. Uh oh, uphill is kind of a problem, I need to like. And then finally, if you’re
gonna wear a princess dress, you gotta be able to twirl, it’s a thing. So I feel like I should also
show you twirling capabilities with this hoop skirt and our winner for the mobility aid option at least in my opinion. So like, my knees aren’t
super good at twisting, so I kinda wonder if I
could like, twist it with my hand. Let’s go round, let’s do this. Know what? I do not recommend twirling, okay? I take it back, but I
think, I think maybe, Frantic crutch twirling extravaganza I don’t recommend twirling okay? Panic of the Crutch Twirl (screams) I think I’ve got this figured out now, I feel confident going to the con, I haven’t tried this on with the ballgown but that’s what I’m gonna
do next and that will be in next week’s video. I don’t wanna really like, reveal it yet, ’cause as I mentioned it’s
a whole month in the making for basically the sake
of two YouTube videos. If any of you guys have
ever used mobility aids with hoop skirts or anything like that, that’s really restricting, please tell me in the comments. I obviously can only represent what I know and this is what I know, and what I know tells
me that one crutch is, one forearm crutch and braces is probably the best I’m
gonna get, no twirling, that’s unfortunate. Anyways, thank you guys
so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video.