The classic way one of these Hoop Nights happens…it´s
Friday night 8 pm, the people are coming, my phone is ringing…f*** Why isn´t there
any more street ball happening. Where is street ball at? Street ball was huge in the 90`s.
We always have young people who play street ball. We see them on the streets playing street
ball but when it comes to street ball events there are almost none. So we just decided
to try organizing one. We started running street ball tournaments in Friedrichshain
and Wedding. There are pretty much no free opportunities to play street ball indoors
in the winter. We run an open mic most of the time and sometimes you have a Graffiti
writer or a dancer there, a rapper…you have a lot of people there who just like hanging
out. They are on fire, they look forward to every tournament. The individual cases which
develop out of this are on a personal level. Getting access through Basketball is easy.
It´s just an opportunity for us to get to know the youth better and to evaluate whether
they may have issues beyond basketball. Getting access through basketball is easier than approaching someone out of the blue. Gangway usually funds these events. In addition we always have co-operation agreements with schools or other organizations which make gyms available
for us and beginning with this year there is a rather large sports equipment and apparel
company which is funding our work… There is a photo with Lebron…his wish was that the money should be used to support kids who
don´t have the means to have opportunities to play Basketball. This is obviously close
to our mission. That´s why we agreed to this co-operation. Lebron was in Berlin… Yeah cool, i think that´s enough!!!