– In honor of that amazing
college basketball final game, we’re gonna play a game
that’s just as dramatic. This game is brand new. It’s similar to the game
that we’ve played before called “Hoop Dee Do Me” except
it’s completely different. It’s called “Hoop Dee Do You.” [laughter] So we need our contestants. Natalie Sampson, Buffy Kappa,
Kimberly Moore, Alison Nowak. Come on down. [cheers and applause] [upbeat music] Hi. Hi. Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. – [squeals]
– Hi. Okay.
[women cheering] This is wonderful.
Wonderful. Does anybody know–
you’re just all– – No, we just met.
– Nobody came together. Isn’t that sweet how loving you are towards each other
right now? Okay.
[laughter] It’s gonna change.
This is a competition. Who is really good
at throwing and aiming? Who’s really good at
throwing and aiming? Okay, come on out. We’re gonna put something
on top of your head. It’s a wonderful thing. It’s like a–okay. So you’re over here with me.
– Okay. – Okay, and you’re over here
with me as well. All right. Your teammate will have to throw a washcloth into your basket. The person who get–
and for obvious reasons, they’re soaking wet with paint. [laughter] You said you’re really good
at throwing… – Yeah.
– But you’ll be blindfolded. I forgot to tell you that.
[laughter] All right, go. [Rimsky-Korsakov’s
“Flight of the Bumblebee”] [frenetic orchestral music] [cheers and applause] – Again. Again. [cheers and applause] – Too far to the side.
Go to the other side. [cheers and applause] You’re doing awesome. – Lower.
Too high. Lower. Lower. And not too far
to the left. Not too far to the left.
– To the right. – You’re–
you’re aiming at the audience. You’re aiming at the audience. You have to go
to the right. [thud]
– No! – It fell.
Lean over. Lean over. Lean over. [woman shouting indistinctly] – I think we’re out.
– We’re all out? – Yeah. Well… – No, that was awesome. [buzzer] – Yellow.
– All right. Well… [cheers and applause] – You did great. – All right.
– I got it on your screen. – That’s okay.
You’ll pay for that. [laughter] I’m kidding.
All right. So you were the winner,
but I want both of you to see the next big game
on a big TV, so you’re going home
with a 55-inch TCL Roku TV. Everybody.
Everybody there. [cheers and applause]