– What’s up hockey players. Kevin here from hockeytraining.com. And in this video, I’ma take you through a in one place warm up that you can
do before hockey games or practices so that you
don’t have to waste any time out on the ice. Let’s get right into it. For this hockey warm up, we gonna run through
eight different exercises. The first is 30 standard jumping jacks. Make sure your getting in
a full range of motion here with both your arms and legs. Next up we’ve got T-stab push ups. And we will be doing 12 reps here. For this exercise, we’ll perform a normal push up but as we get to the top, we will open up to either
side with a straight arm pointing to the ceiling like
you can see me doing here. So 12 total reps, six per side. The third warm up exercise is your classic large arm circles and we will be doing 12 circles forward and 12 circles backwards. From there we will go into
straight arm rotations performing eight per side. With your arms straight
out in front of you, with your palms facing each other, you’re going to open up to one side of your body with one arm, while keeping your other
arm in front of your body. Follow the arm that is
rotating with your eyes and work on getting the
full range of motion here. After the eight reps, we going to switch to your other arm. The fifth exercise is
single-leg hip circles and we will be doing 12 circles in each direction per leg. For this one, we want to
get into prisoner position with our hands on the back of our head, and balance on one leg, while bringing the opposite
leg off the ground. From here we perform 12 hips
circles in each direction like you can see me doing. Try to stay balanced for
the duration of the exercise but if you have to catch your balance, no problem, just get right back at it. Next, we have eight zombie
squats with reach throughs. Start in a zombie position with your hands straight
out in front of you. From here we will squat into a deep squat and as you start to stand back up, you will reach through your legs as if you were trying to
touch the wall behind you. As your legs straighten, you should be fully
reaching behind your body between your legs and then you’re going to
return to the zombie position and repeat. The seventh exercise is shoulder t’s and we will be doing 15 reps of these. While standing bent over with a flat back sticking your butt out behind you, extend your arms down towards the floor with your palms facing forward. From here, use your shoulder blades to pull your arms out and up. And at the top you should feel a nice squeeze of your shoulders
blades for half a second. The final exercise is gonna
be zombie lateral lunges. And we will be doing five reps per side. With your arms straight
out in front of you in a zombie position, you will lunge laterally into
a nice deep lateral lunge. Return to the starting position and repeat for five reps on each leg. And there you have it, you should be warmed up and ready to crush it without having to waste
precious warm up time on the ice doing your pre game stretching. Thanks for watching our
hockey training video. If you guys enjoyed that video, make sure you smash the like button, subscribe to our channel
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in the description below. Train hard guys.