Now, I’m going to show you how to stick handle
the puck. The most important key points, are to keep the blade about shoulder length. Turn
your wrists, and keep your head up. For starters, I mean, if you want to look at the puck, just
to see where the puck is, like that. That’s great, but as you get more proficient at it,
you’re going to want to keep your head up, and not stare, and look at the puck. Also,
the puck should stay around the middle of the blade, on both the backhand, and the forehand
part of the blade. As you practice this, you could start bringing the puck, further away
from the shoulders.
Stick handling is very important in hockey, because it helps you keep control of the puck,
but also doesn’t allow the opposing player, to take the puck away from you, so stick handling,
just like that.