to ID Sports locked out here in
beautiful Los Angeles California I’m outside of the Yankee Stadium here
as you can see behind the Yankee Stadium beautiful no just kidding we are in Los Angeles
and of course there are no studios available for me to
film to ID Sports bus I am once again relegated to being
locked out all the loyal people following me and
not on Twitter but I’m just saying with this medium I greatly appreciate it trying to find a
studio with consistent time now we’re going to go into hockey this
is the by our world hockey Invitational you’re going to see the San
Diego junior goals there in orange take on the Toledo cherokees incredible assaults you could say happened where
one player from the Cherokees decided to use is hockey stick as a
weapon an head hit a San Diego player in the face with it then pounce on him
and punched him repeatedly here’s the video p perot’s quick I want you guys to see it
one more time I’m gonna showed in slow motion but notice very hits him in the face with a hockey stick using the stick as a
weapon and then pouncing on him and punching
him in the face let’s say one more time pin precisely zero place for this not only in hockey but in sports to use let’s say
a basketball as a weapon chucking it at someone’s
face resulting in a concussion a lacrosse stick same thing no matter what sport you do
use it using your helmet as a weapon and hitting someone in the
face using your cleats in soccer forty and kicking someone there’s no place for this none
whatsoever and the governing body have USA Hockey
decided to say in a broad statement way of putting it the UPS truck agrees with me and roars
at this they said he suspended and they’re
reviewing the matter and a stem they want to take their time
that’s totally fine I’m not sure what I think would be the
correct assessment but let me just say this: a
lot of people aka commenting on this original vid original
video were saying all it says hockey all come on Isis hockey it doesn’t
matter no this is not hockey this is a soft using your stick as a weapon to onload like ken griffey junior another
guy’s face in hockey that’s not have the sport that’s
criminal so look I don’t know how old the kid is I’m not going to say it’s a lifetime ban he should be suspended for the rest of
the year maybe even a few years and loaned us develop his skills maybe
go to rehab i mean i i don’t now send them somewhere where this kinda stuff never ever
happens again because other anything they said that
the kid was okay who receive the blows to the head thank God
he was okay but do you think he should have a
lifetime ban do you think that he should be kicked out from the
spore completely suspended for a year what have you I want to hear all your
thoughts leave those in the comment section below I will work I will engage
with you as much as possible on this video and do me a favor I’m trying to get a
studio I’m trying to get I’m subscribe to see
where the sports at helping out with that