Hey man what the hell, I was wide open on
the backdoor there. dude these new elbow pads man, I cant get the right angle I got this new undershirt, think its weighing me down, totally would’ve had a breakaway if I had my old one on. Totally had you on that breakaway pass, still getting used to the new tape job. switched to that bubble last week, thing was fogging up left and right, went back to the cage, now I cant see anything. Anybody have a stone? New guy totally f%^$ed up my skates at the shop today. Yo you guys remember that 80 goal season I had back in squirts? Back when I had that TPS rubber, thing was like a magic wand, had like 90 goals that season. You boys hear that Gagner put up 8 points the other night? Back in Mites, I was putting up 9 points a game. Hey you boys remember those eagles I had back in squirts?
Silkiest mitts. Yeah I think I still hold my high school records for most empty net goals. You boys should’ve seen my flow back in triple A, talk about nice lettuce. Then there was that year in Bantams, just completely untamed. Yeah you boys remember the backhand toe drag?
Yeah I sort’ve invented that, back in peewees. Had defensemen falling over left and right,
one kid, had to go to the ER, broke his ankles. [putting on clear tape] Hey was that clear tape? No man, just taking a dump. Oh alright, anybody got clear? Yo check out this chicks 5-hole.
Dude that things humongous big! wait, wait, hooooo! This is gonna look just like the winter classic. [goalie stuff] Yeah you know, forgot to put the tinfoil on the knuckles last game but stopped by price chopper, got like 4-5 rolls so should be good for a couple games. [packs lip] coach said I have to wear elbow pads, doesn’t make sense to me… Lead the league in PIMS this year, 35 fighting majors a few high stickings.. you know if youre not gonna wear a visor, what do you expect to happen? Probably one of my most favorite professional plays of all time is Scott Stevens hit on Paul Kayria. Growing up always had the sherwood Coffey curve, uh Paul Coffey. Ended up going through like 90
of them by the time I hit Bantams.. finally switched to the Easton Aluminum, lot more weight lot more durable. [Axe motion] f$%!s all the water? [excessive drinking] Hey lets go here kid
Here we go, here we go! oh wait wait wait, your hair
Can you get mine?
Yeah alright lets go. I was gonna go pro my sophomore year but uh.. Had to redshirt junior season just cause uh, got bauer bumps. Dude I saw you but then I caught the flash of the new laces and it was just too much, distracted me.