Hey hockey players coach garner here
from hockey training dot com. In this video I’m gonna run you through a speed
workout that you can do with no equipment and even if you have a limited
amount of space. We’re gonna begin this workout with four back-to-back exercises
to act as your warmup we’re gonna begin with the good old-fashioned jumping jack.
I want you to perform 30 straight reps here and make sure you’re again into the
air and going through a full range of motion with both your arms and your legs
throughout the whole movement. The next exercise in this warm-up is the knee hug
to reverse lunge we’re gonna be alternating legs for this movement and
you’re gonna do ten reps per leg for twenty total reps in this circuit. When
we’re doing our knee hug to reverse lunge I really don’t want you to bring
your chest down to your knee you always want to pull your knee up to your chest
so that we’re stretching the glutes and hamstrings before going back into the
reverse lunge which really helps open up the hips before we start training hard.
The third exercise and this warm-up is the Iron Cross and we’re gonna do eight
reps total per side and this is one of the best exercises in the game to open
up that lower back and hips so you can be as explosive as possible. Make sure
that you’re turning your head in the opposite direction that your legs are
going on every rep. The last exercise in this warm-up is to roll over into V-Sit
we’re gonna do eight total reps here and you want to really get in contact almost
every vertebra of your back on your roll over back and on the way forward before
opening up the legs and going for that quick dynamic groin stretch. We are gonna
repeat this warm-up one to two times… if you feel warm only do it once if you
feel like you’re still a little cold do this
one more time before you start the session. Okay, getting into the workout
now the first exercise in this workout is the triple split squat jump into an
isometric hold. Now one rep is going to equal three
jumps so you’re gonna jump jump jump and hold the bottom position for three
seconds and then jump jump jump and hold the other
position for three seconds. That’s gonna count as two reps we are doing eight
sets of two and resting 30 seconds in between rounds the next exercise in this
workout is the vertical jump I only want you to load about a quarter squat length
don’t do a full squat and jump all the way up okay quarter squat be as
explosive as possible do three jumps back-to-back-to-back-to-back rest 30
seconds in between sets and repeat for eight total sets. The next exercise is
the lateral hop we’re gonna do eight sets of three jumps per side with thirty
seconds rest in between it’s very important here to go for height and
distance I wanted to be as explosive as possible on these lateral hops. The last
exercise in this workout is to plank with elbow to knee toe touches we’re
gonna be doing these sets for 30 seconds with 60 seconds rest in between okay so
just keep touching elbow to knee back and back to back to back to back for 30
seconds until the time runs out. That equals one set and we’re going to repeat
this for three rounds. Thanks for watching our hockey training video smash
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