– Hey guys, Jeremy here
from the Hockey Movement with the Sweet Spot
Squad and in this video, we’re gonna show you pranks and jokes you can play on your teammates, let’s go. – Let’s do it. – The guys of Sweet Spot
Squad think we’re doing the loose lid prank, nah
nah, I got a surprise for em, milk in the water bottle. (spitting and gagging) – What’s in there? – [Jeremy] Milk. (tape squeaking) – This one’s a classic, clear
tape on their skate blade. (hockey player thudding) – [Jeremy] Gotta get
your skates sharpened? There you go. (puck clattering) (gate latching)
(player clattering) – Whoops. Door must have been open,
sorry, I was trying to close it. You know there’s always that one guy asking for clear tape? Introducing the gag roll. To set this one up, just
cut a bunch of small pieces of clear, but it back on the
roll, keep it in your bag for that guy who never
brings his own tape. – Anyone got some clear? – Oh yeah, there you go, bud. – Thank you. (tape squealing) What the hell is this? – Got a little surprise for
Francis, 50 pound sandbag. I use this to work out, but we’re gonna hide this in his bag. We’re just gonna sneak our weight in here. Cover it up with that spare
jersey, never see it coming. – See you, Francis. – Bye, Francis. Is that a new bag, Francis? Time to switch to a wheelie bag, huh? – Hey, you got any water? – Oh yeah. Line change. – Oh my god. (cheering) Got a guy who never
brings his own shampoo? Introducing the endless shampoo trick. – What the? What the hell? – Francis, we all know
you want lots of likes, want to get those followers, trust shots. – You sure? – Yeah man. Balance it on your head,
I’m gonna sauce it off. You put that online, lots of followers. – Okay, I’ll trust you. – Here we go. Toss me a puck. This is the foam puck trick. I’m just gonna lob it, ready? – Yep. – One, two. – You got me there, I
thought I was gonna die. – Think fast. Here’s another classic. Turn the hot all the way
down, the cold all the way up. (water rushing) (screaming) – [Jeremy] Hey, the water’s not too warm? – Yes, it is perfect. – [Jeremy] How about now? – [Man] Screw you, Jeremy. – Those are a few pranks and jokes that you can play on your teammates. If we missed any, let us know
in the comments section below and we’ll put that into part two. Thanks so much to the Sweet Spot Squad. If you guys love trick shots,
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you hit that subscribe button. (Jeremy grunting) I make new hockey videos every single, every single week, thanks for watching. We’ll see you on the next video (laughing) Don’t follow the Sweet
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