We are working on coming off
the forehand side here. We are going to do on this one actually,
we are coming in off that forehand side. You want to be able to by a little bit and
take over the space to the middle, specially if you want to get that quick
shot, just shooting the puck from the out hand sign, without changing the shot angle, without getting little bit more space in the middle and by all space in the middle you are
not going to have a very good opportunity. What you want to do on
this one we are going to have that puck here we are going to pull it back with a quick lateral step. In hockey this is great to take that
lateral step because you are not taking here your forward momentum, right into that defender that is why you want to work on most lateral steps you can even make that step come a little bit backward, that can help you buy a little bit of time and a little bit of space
and then we are going to have a quick release. So from a standing position here what you are going to see is puck here point it back a lateral, then a quick release and we are shooting
through that screen, so you want to pick that angle in shoot through that screen. So here, lateral, shoot, quick shot. Now just to give you a demonstration what that is like when your moving, you are coming in here, moving in, cut lateral, and then you’re going to release now obviously, we are somewhat coming in front of that defender’s face on this one, but we are bringing that puck back and
removing lateral, so we are not coming at that defender, we are actually buying
time and space. So we are not completely crossing right
directly in front of their face, because the whole idea here is puck
protection, bringing that puck back. This is also a great play, you are coming in
with speed, getting them to back up, then you are
kind of pulling back towards the middle, now you can also make passes from
this area you got a little bit of space. It is a great time either to hit a trailer
or if you have the players going hard to the net, you can make those plays to the net.
So just one more demonstration coming in here. You coming in and pulling lateral and then shooting. So you are pulling that back and
lateral, we are not going at the defender. It is really important, coming in with
speed, get that defended to back, cutting hard
cross, back lateral and we are making those hips, so that
they are open so now we can shoot. We can pass, we are not quick turning in
and going this way. This is the lateral direction,
lateral movement and even you can make that
lateral cut backwards.