Filling in here and we get the puck
dropped we’re underway in this matchup between two former ECAC West rivals its
Denicourt’s cross-ice pass out in front Benemerito in at goal comes to the
floor and the shot and a big-time stop that time as Logan Bateman could say
welcome to this game. Is gonna change but can’t get anywhere and backups Connor
Powell. Powell left wing boards and we’ll take that shot and an easy save
for Halstrom with the glove and he’ll hang on to it Faulkner gets away from a
check through the center carries over the line right over to Tyson. Tyson’s
winds up a big shot and Logan Batemans got that one and holds onto it as Tyson
streak down the right side a chance on the breakdown ice for Denomme in our
goal to the backhand the shot and Halstrom is able to hold on and there is a
penalty coming up to Hobart. To Lloyd. Lloyd up top. Right wing now on a sniping from the top right and scoring on that one was Nick
Ford. In 1:44 left on Elmira’s fourth power play of the night on the draw charged at by Robitaille
tips it free Robitaille breaking in on goal. Robitaille just back at the goal, takes the shot and scores! Robitaille short-handed with 12:40 to go
in the third. Hobart evens it at one Comes back in behind the net trying to
stuff it out is Kapoian he’s double-teamed off the puck comes loose
again and that one almost got through and it’s finally held on by Halstrom
who did a split and looks like he was pretty uncomfortable. zone though a nice
breakout on the stick of Schneider Schneider comes off when he takes his
shot Bateman is able to make the 6th save on that one. Trying to wrap it forward. 30 seconds to go here in the overtime quick shot Maguyon and Bateman is able to make the stop rebound the faceoff you