Welcome to the Gillom Athletic Performance Center here in Oxford, Mississippi. We’ve got a Sunday matinee for you as number 12 Kentucky comes to town To take on Ole Miss. Wernentin. Competition is in the SEC and how competitive you have to be this late in the season. And so she needed six kills here today to set the single-season record that she set last year at 474, she now has 475 kills and there’s still some meat left on the bone this season. See any team to 100 or less percentage points is impressive, but especially Florida. I don’t think an opponent in the last 14 matches has hit even 200 against this Kentucky squad. And they are laying out here this afternoon. And that is your dagger. Wernentin. Bars to Stroup from the back row and you can add another kill. Bars finds Wernentin. And Stroup. Bars, Stroup a little change up. Purcell with a couple of digs. And Stroup can’t get it over the net. Ball control, ball control, ball control. And Lauren Bars. Nice job by Adams. And a swing and a finish by Leah Mulkey. The Rebels have in the best middle as far as blocking goes. Stroup with her 12th. Scott had a block Friday night against Tennessee, limited action. She comes in has a chance for the kill, Currey with the dig. And that’s going to do it. So for Brittany McLaughlin, I’m Will Comar saying so long from Oxford where Kentucky sweeps Ole Miss.