what is up guys PWG here and today I’m
gonna teach you guys how to master juggling the ball with your heels and I
will do that by giving you three simple steps that you can follow let’s go step number one positioning for this one you actually don’t need the ball because
you’re gonna figure out what side you are going to juggle on personally I
juggle on my right side but it’s a matter of preference so it’s up to you
to figure out what side you want to juggle on and also you need to keep your
eyes peeled on your heels and on the ball at all times so start off by trying
to figure out what side feels more comfortable for you and then we go to step two step two, first touch just like a regular juggling
heel juggles is all about getting that right timing the right touch and a lot
about repetition so start with the ball in your hands drop it down get a heel
touch and back up comfortably in your hands now repeat this one and a half
million times with both feet individually so that you got it on lock
it’s very important that you figure out exactly how the ball bounces up when you
do a specific movement and you want to have the same height of the ball on
every touch step 3 juggling
after you’re comfortable heeling the ball with both feet start
adding more juggles into the mix by throwing the ball up and this time
heeling it twice before catching it again
from there on as you get better and your confidence grows challenge yourself to
continuously break your own record as you make progress there are a few common mistakes that you
should know before you get into heel juggles the first one is the height you
need to be able to control the height you don’t want to get it too high you
don’t want to get it too low you get it too high then you might be having
difficulties controlling the ball even for a pro like me that might be
difficult another thing is the eye contact or rather the lack of eye
contact because you need to keep your eyes on the ball at all times if you
don’t look at the ball you will lose control immediately and lastly you want
clean heel touches some people actually do heel juggles on the side of their
foot but then all of a sudden it is not a heel juggle anymore it is side of the
foot juggle and that’s not what we want because it adds a little bit of spin and
quite frankly it’s not as stylish as a regular heel juggle so that’s it for today’s quick tutorial
remember that the only way to learn this skill is by putting in lots and lots of
practice so after you’re done smashing the like button go out with the ball and
follow these three easy steps also click the playlist on the bottom right corner
to learn even more football skills or that said see you guys next time