now I don’t know what you guys did during recess at school but one of my absolute favorite thing was to play with balls specifically tennis balls you see this ball isn’t just used for playing tennis nope it’s much more than that you can use it to play soccer catch piggy in the middle wall ball and of course handball and if you don’t know what handball is then you never had a child could just kidding it’s where you use a tennis ball or a bouncy ball and use your hands to hit the ball and make it bounce onto another player’s square we played 2 square foursquare and even 6 squared i remember during class we would always stare at the clock and as soon as class ended we all rushed over to the handball court and had so much fun until until one until their one moment when somebody miss hits the ball by using their risk and not their hand and the ball goes flying across the playground bounces a couple of times and slowly but surely it always ends up with the bully well look at tennis ball looks like this belongs to those kids playing handle I should probably give it back haha just kidding I can’t do that I’m a bully and I have a reputation to uphold I must assert my dominance by throwing this ball over the fence here I go in the Barkers over the fence bounces and lands on the other side of the road and without a ball you can’t really play handball really not only that but the owner of the ball has to now purchase a new tenant sport which aren’t cheap by the way they’re like two dollars each the same price as a bottle of water from a school canteen law anyways the owner would then usually walk up to the fence and stand there for about 10 minutes waiting for somebody to walk pass and retrieve the ball however what ends up happening is this huh excuse me sir sorry to bother you but can you please get my ball it’s just across the road so why are you staring at me like that so can you please just turn around and get the ball for me please hello so can you hear me no sir please don’t walk away please i need to help some so No Oh and that concludes my presentation on why I think school fences should be raised higher hello everyone my name is Jeffery and my presentation is about respect that’s it Benjamin you have interrupted the cloth for the last time you want to go to principal Pelton’s office right now ok