Why are we here today? It is a special occasion – the biggest arena, two big games, two important moments where women and men will fight for the qualification Our coach said that it will have to be two fantastic games and I agree completely with that Teams which will come here are on a top level, there is not a one team that can not play handball anymore it can be simply said that the level of every team is going higher and there is no easy game World Handball If it should be a very special event, you need to have a big spectators scene a big one Bratislava can make a good atmosphere I suppose the fans will come also from other parts of Slovakia The arena should witness that there will be something to fight for and that it will really have the strong and right emotions for all participants We have a lot of fans spread throught the whole country so we tried to use the situation that both national teams are playing home at the same time We tried to fill this arena, on one side so we have a worthy venue and on the other side a truly big number of people can come here also people that would not normally come to a handball game. We wanted to show handball as a big sport, as an interesting sport, so these are the reasons why we are in this arena In Bratislava we will play against Russia and it will be a tough game again, but in Russia we managed to play a draw. It was also kind of surprise for us but this one point in Russia was also very important from that point of view, that it started again a public interest for handball You have a very strong team, a lot of strong players which play in good clubs. Therefore we can not rest even for a while, we will fight and we will try our best We approach the slovak team with great respect and we know that the whole team can play very well You have plenty of good players, it makes no sense to accent only one of them. Every single player can make a big difference Hungary is an opponent…it is a tough opponent, they simply have more experienced players than us, everything will have to be perfect so we will be succesful in the game When we play against the best teams of the world or Europe – the european handball is actually best in the world There is a respect every time we play against these players but we try to prepare for them the best way we can and make them the game really hard so they lost their playing comfort When we play games for national team, I have to really admit that arenas are mostly full and fans cheer for us until the end so I can not say not a single bad word to our fans If we lose, if we win, if the team has good results or not, the fans will come and cheer for us everywhere we play if it is in the east or west, everywhere we play the arena gets full and I am really thankful for that I think it was amazing, it was very well prepared and I do not think there was already event like that in Slovakia It was just fantastic and it is a pity that we did not win the game, because then it would be absolutely perfect We do not have to shame for anything, everyone fighted as he can unfortunately, we miss this little piece of luck, which could finally be also on our side so we finally also win by this one goal Everyone fighted and everybody put everything he had in the game