To sports now. After the All Black Sevens swept up
in Cape Town last year they have opened their training
to the public today in Hamilton to engage with the community
ahead of next week’s tournament. For more let’s cross
to our reporter Te Okiwa McLean who is at Beetham Park, Te Okiwa. Kia ora Scotty. I’m here at Beetham Park
in Hamilton. At the moment there
aren’t any fans here onsite. At the moment I’m their top fan
of the All Blacks Sevens. While only a small number
of fans came today, they all wanted to really meet
their heroes. And Te Okiwa, Maori player Ngarohi McGarvey Black
has been named to play in the upcoming tournament. This is the first time he’s
represented Aotearoa on home soil, how is he processing all of this? Yes, the Ngai Tuhoe
and my Te Whanau Pani relation, will be in the line-up
for next week. He says he’s excited
for the upcoming match because he’s been putting
in the hard yards for a very long time to be able
to be named and play in the line-up
for our country on home soil. Here’s what he said
to say earlier. The most important thing
is that I’m playing for my family, which is my main focus. However, I’m happy. It’s good to be able to play
for my home, Ruatoki, my whanau, hapu and iwi.
So I’m really happy and excited. For the last two years
at this Hamilton-based competition, our team have lost
at the semi-finals. So what strategy
will the coach employ this year so they make it to the finals? I spoke to their coach
Clark Laidlaw earlier and he says some
of their game strategies have been updated, however, the main focus is on team building
and team bonding. Here’s what he said before about
their play style that they will play next week. Furthermore, the coach
told me earlier that they are still going forward
with their playing strategy that they used in Capetown
and Dubai last year. He genuinely believes that if they play like that
next week in Hamilton, then they have a chance
to win the tournament. So on their long-term radar they’re looking ahead to the
Olympics at the end of the year. The Tokyo Olympic Games
is the sporting event of the year. Thank you for the update, Te Okiwa.