Hi guys! I’m here with my friend Hachim from Italy. We came here to spend the day with Red Bull to play the console and to do some football freestyle. It’s like a dream come true to meet Neymar. I admire his style very much. He is the winner, the ball is for him. The fighter has arrived. Cut the ball! 1:0 for the man. What are you doing?! Dude, I was not aware of slide tackling. If I knew that, I would win 5:0. Ah Neymar, go, #@!!% yourself Neymar. No, I missed it. Crap! The guy is not attacking. There’s only Barca playing. 1:0! 1:0..1:0? There’s only Barca. That was dirty!Disgusting! I’m getting mad. Dude, I am for a long time in front of the goal. Forget it! It’s only Barca, but he’s fouling too much. Crap! That’s it. Cross it. It’s a goal! Crap! It’s a foul! That’s it. Hard pressure. That was lucky. That was dirty. It’s over. The day is over. We played and had fun. That’s the most important thing. Although I lost the match, the most important thing is that we played. Even though I won the challenge, what matters more to me was to meet him, and to have fun with him. It was a great day for me!