This drill is called the crossover lay-up
drill, we are going to work on our main crossovers so our normal crossover, keep it short and sharp. Then we are going to look at through the legs,
then we are going to go behind the legs or behind the back. And then we are going to do a spin dribble. We are going to go each side both hands, we
normally would do two sets of these. So we are doing, normal crossovers to start
with. Starting on the hand opposite, obviously it
is a crossover, opposite the hand we are finishing with Now through the legs. One dribble to the basket, explosive move
to the basket. Luke is keeping his head up on his dribble,
keeping his eye on the target as he finishes. Behind the legs now or behind the back. If you are a big I would recommend that you
try and board tap these shots. So for bigger guys (players) try and get above
the backboard, get above the height of the backboard.